We are ERISA fiduciaries. We cannot maintain a conflict of interest. We must act in the best interest of the plan and for the exclusive benefit of plan participants.

As fiduciaries, we relieve board members, retirement plan committees, CFOs, and human resource managers from having to make and execute fiduciary decisions. The designation of an independent fiduciary focuses on the responsibility, as well as the liability, to properly manage the plan for the benefit of plan sponsors and plan participants.

Non-ERISA fiduciaries and brokers (regardless of size of firm) maintain conflicts of interest and assume little-to-no legal liability whatsoever.

Key Client Fiduciary Advisors accepts full responsibility for the services we perform for plan operation, plan investment, and fiduciary decision-making.

Key Client Fiduciary Advisors reviews the plan’s investment account performance against investment objectives that are based on the investment policy statement for the plan. These reviews take into consideration market performance for similar investments.

We review matters of the plan against terms set forth in the plan document and vendor agreements to confirm compliance with ERISA.