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Category: RIAs
nervous business man hiding behind a desk Hey Eric, I’m Scared!

When I meet advisors who are considering moving to the RIA world, I hear a few recurring concerns and objections. The first is one that we’ve discussed before: Not wanting to make the effort. The second is what I’m here to talk to you about today: they’re just plain...

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Business people in a conference room smiling and shaking hands The Top Three Benefits of Working with Key Client Fiduciary Advisors

In my last few blog posts, I discussed the benefits of being an RIA, what to look for when joining, and the pros and cons of creating your own versus joining an established one. In this post, I’m going to share why I think Key Client is worth your consideration if you decide to head...

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business man idly watching the clock Are Financial Advisors Lazy?

My involvement in the recruiting world gives me many opportunities to chat with advisors of all stripes and sizes. In these discussions, I’ve noticed a common theme that continues to rise to the top: an overwhelming interest in becoming an RIA. Unhappy with their current circumstances,...

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Group of business people at a meeting What to Look for When Joining an RIA

In my last blog post, I spoke about creating your own RIA versus joining an existing one. Today, I’ll expand on the latter and offer guidance on what to look for when evaluating an RIA partner. It comes down to three key considerations: culture, services and cost.  Culture...

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Business woman shaking hands with another business person DIY Versus Joining an Existing RIA

Let’s say that you have crossed the Rubicon and have decided to go the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) route with your franchise. The first major question every advisor will have to answer is whether to create your own RIA or to join an existing one. There are pros and cons to each...

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Benefits of Being an RIA

Having been part of the financial services industry for 40 years, I have seen many changes. The arrival of discount brokers, the creation of "no-load" mutual funds, increased market volatility and industry consolidation (where have you gone EF Hutton) to name a few. More recently, I...

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