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Category: Employee Benefits
8 Strategies for Reducing Fiduciary Risk in Your Retirement Plan

When creating and maintaining your company’s retirement plan, you’ll want to do so in a way that creates the best outcomes for plan participants while reducing risk. To help you achieve those goals, we’ve outlined eight strategies that you can start following today. 1. Establish a...

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Saw in wood floor trying to steal a piggy bank Are You at Risk of a Lawsuit Because of Your Outdated Retirement Plan?

If you are a 401(k) plan trustee or plan administrator, you may want to take a good, hard look at your company’s retirement plan. It very well may be creating a liability for the business. In recent years, the Department of Labor (DOL) and ERISA have started cracking down on retirement...

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Choosing the Right 401(k) Plan Choosing the Right 401(k) Plan

As a fiduciary, choosing a 401(k) plan may sound like an easy task, but there are a few key decisions that need to be made before you can put the right plan in place.  When setting up any sort of retirement plan, you must first figure out which group of employees you intend to provide...

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A pen, a calculator and a piggy bank on top of financial papers Uncovering the Truth About 401(k) Admin Fees

There’s no denying that fees are a hot button topic surrounding just about anything – and 401(k) plans are no different.  It wasn’t until late 2012 that there was any regulation requiring the disclosure of fees to employees and plan sponsors, and even then 401(k) providers did a...

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Table of business team with abstract computer images as shadow How to Create a Retirement Benefits Program for Your Employees

Creating or revamping your company’s retirement package can be a daunting task—and one that should not be taken lightly. With so many moving parts and a variety of fiduciary liability factors to consider, many businesses don’t know where to begin. Below are three steps you can take to...

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Business men looking over paperwork 401k – A Powerful Tool for Human Resources

In today’s work environment, one of the biggest struggles employers face is acquiring and ultimately retaining talented employees.  No owner wants to worry about whether their top sales rep or executive is going to leave for a more attractive opportunity.  While it is impossible to...

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