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Table of business team with abstract computer images as shadow How to Create a Retirement Benefits Program for Your Employees

Creating or revamping your company’s retirement package can be a daunting task—and one that should not be taken lightly. With so many moving parts and a variety of fiduciary liability factors to consider, many businesses don’t know where to begin. Below are three steps you can take to...

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Business woman shaking hands with another business person DIY Versus Joining an Existing RIA

Let’s say that you have crossed the Rubicon and have decided to go the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) route with your franchise. The first major question every advisor will have to answer is whether to create your own RIA or to join an existing one. There are pros and cons to each...

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Benefits of Being an RIA

Having been part of the financial services industry for 35 years, I have seen many changes. The arrival of discount brokers, the creation of "no-load" mutual funds, increased market volatility and industry consolidation (where have you gone EF Hutton) to name a few. More recently, I...

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Business men looking over paperwork 401k – A Powerful Tool for Human Resources

In today’s work environment, one of the biggest struggles employers face is acquiring and ultimately retaining talented employees.  No owner wants to worry about whether their top sales rep or executive is going to leave for a more attractive opportunity.  While it is impossible to...

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